Home Services Lux


"Home Services Lux, une affaire de famille..."


Our goal is to bring you the balance between work and family life. This is why we support the well-being of families by leaving daily tasks to our staff.


When we are mom, reconciling work and family life is a challenge. As soon as there is an unforeseen event it's really destabilizing. And for you


I have myself struggled to keep my children (no family member in Luxembourg, information about baby-sitter that are not updated on website or difficult to reach, how to find a trustworthy person...) The same problem to find a household help. In short, a real headhache!


We provide to families, childcare services and daily life services We relief you from all these tasks!

Working with Home Services Lux regularly , brings you serenity but also security. Besides benefit from financial advantages, you will trust in our qualified professionals.