Household Help



"Your household made to measure..."



 The person in charge of your house is recruited, employed, trained and followed and replaced during holidays. The quality mastery is a priority for our employees and for us. That's why during services, we visit regularly to keep the requirement level over the long term.


The advantages: No administrative management, just a bill at the end of the month. Continuous service, staff trained and monitored by us.

Our staff provide regular maintenance of your home according to your expectations. We define together your request and we write it in a personalized booklet.


The employee who intervenes to your home will come in the days and hours provided and will realise common or specific domestic chores.


Our services can be used regularly , so let yourself be tempted by this service to have more free time!


* (Ironing, window cleaning, floors, toilets, appliances, furniture, tidying up and cleaning of living spaces, bedrooms, living rooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, hallways, stairs...)



Financial benefits:Did you know? Costs related to the household can be tax deductible  (cliquez ici)