Garde d'enfants



"Entrust us safely the custody of your children..."






Garde exclusive

Garde partagée

La tranquilité avant tout... On s'occupe de tout.


The person in charge of your child care is recruited, employed, trained and followed and replaced during holidays. The quality mastery is a priority for our employees and for us. That's why during services, we visit regularly to keep the requirement level over the long term.


The advantages: No administrative management, just a bill at the end of the month. Continuous service, staff trained and monitored by us.



You gather with one or more other families (until 4 children) and you divide your bill based on the number of children.


Example: You have 2 children, your neighbors also have 2 children, you decide to gather you and to keep the 4 children at the same time by a single person using our service.

At end of the month you divide the bill by 2!


Another example: You have 2 children and you have a friend, a neighbor, a colleague etc ... Has 1 child, you decide to be gather and to keep 3 children at the same time by a single person.

Children are cared at your home two weeks, and one week to your friend (and so on). And you pay for the number of weeks of childcare to your home!

Child care at home, some examples :

  •  Accompagnying the Child to school/ Pick up Child after school
  • Childcare during the week
  • Childcare Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Homework Help
  • Childcare during school holidays
  • Activities and awareness of the child
  • Child toilet
  • Take care of the child from school exit until the parents return (provide...


For special or personalized requests, contact us at : 26 26 26 82








Les avantages financiers: Le saviez-vous? Les frais de domesticités peuvent être déductibles des impôts. (cliquez ici)